Nicole Larsen, FNP-BC

Adult Care, Primary Care, & Family Nurse Practitioner in Phoenix, AZ

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About Nicole Larsen, FNP-BC

Nicole Larsen, FNP-BC, is an experienced family nurse practitioner who provides high-quality services as part of the Umbrella HealthCare team in Phoenix, Arizona. She is committed to promoting improved health and wellness through compassionate, patient-centered medical care.

Nicole attended Central Arizona College in Coolidge, Arizona, for her Associate of Science in Nursing degree, then earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. She is an active member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Nicole returned to Grand Canyon University to complete her master’s degree in nursing. In her previous roles, Nicole has been a case manager and clinical supervisor, providing adult and pediatric care to patients in their homes.

She has undergone in-depth training and has extensive experience in many aspects of specialized medicine and primary care. These include hypertension (high blood pressure) management, diabetes care, addiction medicine, ventilation management, developmental disabilities, neuropathic pain, and caring for patients with multiple acute and chronic illnesses.

Nicole works closely with families, doctors, and other health care providers to ensure patients receive optimal care and benefit from positive outcomes. She looks forward to helping many more people enjoy better health through her work at Umbrella HealthCare.